SPPIF: Outreach Minutes 4-16-2008

In Attendence

Jill Raynor

Brian Stark

Stacey Kinkead

Bruce Gray

Dolores Ranhofer

SPPIF Co-Chair:
Betina Simmons Blaine, moc.liamtoh|snommisaniteb#moc.liamtoh|snommisaniteb

SPPIF Co-Chair:
Maura Whalen, moc.cam|fipps#moc.cam|fipps

Seattle Parks Dept.
Pam Kliment, voG.elttaeS|tnemilK.alemaP#voG.elttaeS|tnemilK.alemaP

Rochelle Vinson

Julie Grove

Kaia Akre

David Ingram

Betina: Updates

  • LA interviews conducted Mon. 4/14, decision will be made by Wed. 4/23
  • Pam will link to wiki from Parks Dept. website
  • Clarification of Parks Dept. required deliverables
  • Mailing of approx. 1500
  • Can be postcard or tri-fold format
  • SPPIF to choose mailing list requirements – can use Parks and/or Audubon Center lists
  • Parks will print & mail
  • Sign – SPPIF to determine location, sign includes real estate box for fliers, etc.
  • Formal Outreach Plan including specific targets, dates and actions.

Bruce: PR Strategy

  • Bruce will help Jill and team with overall PR strategy. He will do this by doing his PR magic with /through:
    • Beacon Hill S. District Journal
    • Lakewood Seward Park newsletter
    • Press release to the papers - prior to 1st mtg
    • Audubon Ctr. - opening – presence
    • Marge - moc.liamg|ginuar.jram#moc.liamg|ginuar.jram per Dolores
    • Bloggers
      • David Goldstein?
      • Captain Columbia City?
      • Others?
    • Rainier Valley Chamber
    • SE Seattle Groups - Chamber (Light Rail contacts)
  • Bruce will help with copy:
    • Talking points for people to take and use at outreach events.
    • Streamline copy for flier.

Note: Bruce - to act as silent broker for us. Betina and/or Maura to be quoted in papers. Please feel free to ask us should you need a public spokesperson.

Brian: Logo

  • Logo – Brian presented and all approved with minor changes, below:
  • Brian to add DON logo (Betina to get from Pam)
  • Note: Per Gail Gatton we can use Audubon Center logo on our materials
  • Betina & Maura to check w/ FoSP re using their logo
  • Brian will be our graphics guru (thanks!)
    • Mailer
    • Flier
    • Sign

Jill: Flier, Video & other ideas

  • Flier
  • Bruce to streamline copy this week.
  • Brian to add DON logo
  • Video
    • Jill to add wiki address at end
    • When complete, Betina will have Syd post on wiki
    • Other ideas
  • Buttons - "Ask me about Seward Park" - zazzle.com - Jill.
  • Business cards – Jill

All: 4/26 Audubon opening participation

  • Fundraising box - Maura
  • Collect emails - Do you want to know more about the Playground Process? - Betina
  • Brainstorming Place - flip chart – ideas – Stacey
  • Dream Playground – kid activity - Kaia
  • Balloons – check w/ Karen O'Conner from Parks Dept. - Betina
  • Banner – Kaia
  • Committee members signed up for hour slots – Betina to email
  • Gail - Talking Tree guy present at the opening? – Betina will ask
  • Video – hoping to play as a continuous loop if location allows

NOTES: It was decided that we will focus on community input, we will not do pine cone feeder project. Gail does not know how many people will attend as this is not an rsvp event. Obviously, more if it is sunny.

Draft Outreach Plan: Betina

  • Reviewed Outreach plan and team members sign up to be/find ambassadors for different groups.
  • Outreach team to re-group and detail outreach targets – Betina & Outreach
  • Updated plan due to Pam 5/7 – Betina & Outreach
  • Get previous list from Leah Hill – Betina will call
  • Other Outreach target ideas: seniors, SE District Council, Mark Soloman (Neighborhood Night Out)
  • List of summer events at SP - Betina
  • Jill offered to be staff photographer (thanks!)
  • Betina offered large digital photo frame
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