fundraising minutes, 03/25/2008

Meeting Minutes, March 25, 2008

Reviewed the meeting goals as prepared by Maura Whalen.

Jeff McDowell accepted the position as chair for the committee.

Summary of the Budget for Design Phase
  • $15,000 in hand will be used primarily to fund design contractor.
  • $7,500 matching funds are required and may all be in-kind.
  • Method of payment to contractor is TBD.
  • Monies are paid by Seattle Neighborhoods to Friends of Seward park (FoSP) to Design Contractor.

Grant from the City of Seattle Parks and Recreation to fund construction will require a 1:1 match.

Total amount required for the project beyond the design phase is not known

Pam from Parks and Recreation offered that in her experience it is and will be important for the Accounting/Fundraising to establish open and clear dialogs with the Design Committee.

Karen Hashmi volunteered to collect the volunteer hours from each committee chair for in-kind matching funds tracking. Frequency to be determined.

Volunteer Hours Tracking Process
  • Committee Chair collects hours from committee members and reports them to Karen Hashmi.
  • Karen Hashmi tabulates the hours and reports them to Paul Talbert for submission to the Neighborhoods.

The topic of what to set as a fundraising goal vs. design estimates was discussed. The target should be higher than the design estimates.

Betsy Lyons agreed to coordinate the identification of Fundraising sources.

The committee is asked to submit 5 fundraising source ideas to Betsy by Friday April 4th.

Paul Talbert reported that funds may be available from Parks and Recreation for restoration of habitat in the park. Can restoration efforts be included in the design to take advantage of these funds?

The committee is asked to invite 2 people each to join the SPPIF as committee members by Friday April 4th.

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