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Some of these referrals have been lifted from local listserv posts.

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  • Carlos Velasquez (206) 841-9972 is a very good plumber, and his rates are reasonable. He is skillful, fast, reliable, courteous, and cares about doing the job right. Referral by Mary Waters 206 527 4661
  • We've used and been pleased with Abeslin Chavez (goes by "Sleen") — and he lives in the neighborhood! Not sure of his availability. 719-7167 is the last phone number I have for him…
  • I think Fox Plumbing is amazing.
  • We use Joanna's Plumbing. She's reliable and backs up her work.
  • We had an efficient and positive experience with Quality Plumbing
  • I used Raymark Plumbing to install a new garden hose bib on the outside of our house. The plumber was friendly and efficient. The job was done well. Their standard fees are $180 for the first hour and then $120/hour after that, charged in 15 minutes increments. 440-9077
  • I've been really happy with Soreano's, right in the neighborhood on Ferdinand at Rainier. They aren't cheap, but not outrageous either and very competent and friendly.
  • We use Stalwart Plumbing. Honest, fair, and they do good work.

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