44th Ave S & Ferdinand

Join us for a 2022 New Kids on the Block Party

We'll clear all the cars away, shut down the tree-lined street, and celebrate a summer evening.

When: Saturday, June 18 from 6pm until …
Where: 44th Ave S, between S Ferdinand and S Hudson Streets

Please bring something for the grill and a side dish, dessert, or drink to share.

Bring chairs or blankets, whatever you prefer to sit on.

Bring kids' bikes, scooters, skates, street games, chalk, face paint. Oh, and bring the kids, the siblings, the parents, and your friends. Some instruments would be great. Any other ideas?

Call Scott (877-3363) with questions or suggestions for the party. You can also post ideas by editing this page.

Here's what we need to do — please sign up for empty slots.
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task name
set up Scott
set up Joe and Becky
set up name
clean up name
clean up name
clean up Scott
  • Setting up can start around 5:30 or so. It involves closing down the street and arranging tables, grills & trash cans. It might involve a friendly reminder to neighbors to move their cars around the corner.
  • Cleaning up involves returning tables to their owners, reopening the street, and picking up any remains of the party.

Here's what we need:

item name
grill Scott
grill Joe and Becky
grill name
table Joe and Becky
table name
table Scott
tablecloths Scott
trash can Scott
trash can Norah and Will
sidewalk chalk name
street-end barriers Scott
face paints name
nametags name
instrument name
instrument name

Please bring your own plates, cups, plasticware or cutlery, lawn chairs and blankets.

These are ideas for activities:
sidewalk chalks
face paints
what else?

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