Night Out

Put on a 2010 "Night Out" Block Party

Night Out

Night Out is a national crime prevention event. Here it's a great excuse to close down a street, throw a block party, and connect again with neighbors.

Columbia Citizens can use the wiki to help organize a quick and easy neighborhood event.

  • make a "to-do" list
  • make a "to-bring" list
  • make an "ideas brainstorm" list
  • invite your neighbors to fill in the blanks.

First register your event with the South Precinct.

Next set up your wiki-page. There's even a template set up for you. Just type in the cross-streets of the block party and create the page. You can change the page to suit the style and activities of your block's event.

Then get the word out. Tell people about it. Email your friends and neighbors. Drop notes along your block.

Here's an example of an invitation flyer: NightOut.docx

Need wiki help? just ask

There are nearby Night Out parties to choose from. You can attend any or all of them!
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