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Columbia Citizens' Neighborrow is available to site members. Please sign in and join.

This part of our site is a decentralized "lending library" for neighbors. It helps you find things you'd like to borrow and offer things you're ready to lend. They could be tools, books, kitchen items, or anything else that's easily shared.


Neighborrowing is another angle on our local-living experiment. We've all got items that we'd comfortably lend to neighbors — many of them things we occasionally use, but that mostly collect dust. Like, how many wheelbarrows does a community really need?

Neighborrowing saves you money. It reduces clutter. It gets the job done. Down the road, it limits what we throw away. It's also another way to get to know the neighbors around you and to help each other out.

Let's build and support this resource with plenty of good faith:

  • List items that you want to lend, not what you're giving away.
  • Lending should be free.
  • Please return borrowed items within a week, unless you've arranged for longer.
  • Intricate or delicate things could be problematic. If your item needs frequent repairs or maintenance, or if it's easily broken — better not lend it.
  • If a borrowed item breaks, please replace it. Return items working and looking the same as when you borrowed them.
  • Borrower agrees the lender isn't responsible for damage or injury.
  • If you no longer have an offered item, please delete it from the list.
  • If you borrow, consider lending too!

Neighbors Alex Steffen, Sue Wilkes, Jim Diers, and an anonymous commenter inspired this project. Please jump in and take part.

Neighborrowing involves lenders' contact information, so we've made this part of the site available to Columbia Citizens members only.

Want to join? That part's easy:

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