Make a Solstice Lantern

Materials needed

• White paper gift bag with handle – approx. 5 x 7” is a good size, smaller for little kids
• Dixie cup
• Aluminum foil
• Votive candle
• Glue gun
• Items to decorate with: tissue paper, feathers, beads, etc.
• White Elmers glue and water
• Soft, wide brushes – sumi brushes with bamboo handles are best
• Branch for carrying


1. Mix equal parts white glue and water in a container.
2. Tear pieces of tissue paper, lay on the outside of the bag, and paint a thin layer with the glue and water mixture being sure to cover completely. Repeat as many times as you want, and apply other decorative items. You want to leave the bag opaque enough to let light through, so be careful not to apply too much material.
3. Let bag dry so you can handle it to apply candle and candle holder inside.
4. Cut the dixie cup so it stands only about 1” high. Cover with aluminum foil, inside and out. Hot glue gun to the inside, bottom of the bag. Insert votive candle.
5. Attach the bag to a branch by tying or gluing the bag handles to the branch.
6. Show up to the Columbia City Solstice Festival on December 20th at 4:20pm, light, stroll and enjoy!

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