Jan 27th 2008

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Expanding Community Gardens

1/27/09 Meeting Minutes

* Urban Land Army – “Land Link” – this is Google mapping who has land and who wants land. (http://www.urbanlandarmy.com/)

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o Posters distributed for posting
o Action needed – more posters, I will see if I can get the pdf file
* Rainier Community Center Gardens and garden programs.
* Updates: 4H is interested in partnering with the Rainier Childcare program to provide one hour per week of garden classes for their 5 to 11 year olds in childcare. The Advisory Council supports the formation of a demonstration style garden and is coordinating with Parks facilities staff to see how best to go about doing this.
o Stephanie, Irene and Catharine volunteered to help teach the childcare kids about gardening
o Action needed – continue working with staff on garden plan, get start date for garden classes
* Articles for the Rainier Valley Post – Amber and Katie would like to do articles on gardening for the Post. (http://rainiervalleypost.blogspot.com/)
o Brooke and Gail signed up to do articles
o Action needed – more writers
* RV Garden mapping – Using Google earth mapping let’s map out where current gardens are located.
o Action needed – send Diana addresses of gardens, community kitchens, food banks and other food system items
* Events – On March 21st there will be a Bucket Brigade at the Rainier Community Center providing a bucket of compost and seeds to people interested in learning about gardening.
o People signed up to help with this day
o Action needed – do poster and advertise
* Rainier Valley Garden Day May 9th– collaborate with Orca School’s plant sale to mobilize people to work in community gardens to get them in shape for summer
o Plant sale at Orca is May 9th, there is interest in coordinating, S3 may be interested in either a tour or advertising a future tour
o Action needed – network with existing gardens and volunteers to see where needs help
* Fruit Tree Harvest Program – work with southenders to harvest local fruit, distribute it and process it
o Gail will be able to do south end organizing, tree pruning workshops are coming up, need to outreach to non-English speaking families

* Further Discussion –
o Help Leticia neighborhood with ongoing beautification projects
o Orca school would like to do monthly workshops at their garden
o Important to engage teens
o Irene will spruce up wiki page so it can be used for things like tool sharing and other info sharing
o Will investigate rules and protocol around hobby farmers selling produce at farmer’s market and in their neighborhoods
o ?

Next meeting will be on the fourth Tuesday of the month, 2/24/09, from 6:00 to 7:30 at the Rainier Community Center.

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