dress up an image

There are lots of ways to style an image. You can adjust its size, position it on the page, give it a border, a caption, a background color, and more.


Here's a simple tool for dressing up an image, so it shares a layout similar to other images on the site. Paste this code into your wiki-text:

[[include image
| img-source=
| width=
| img-style=
| caption=
| style=
web-address of an image, or substitute | flickr-ID=
(optional) a dimension, like 300px or 20em
(optional) style the image, turn it into a link
(optional) flickr images are captioned automatically, unless specified here
(optional) position the textbox (float:right, margin:0, etc)
— Make sure there's no space after the closing double brackets.

All you really need is to specify img-source or flickr-ID. The rest is optional. For instance, here's the code that lays out the image above, pulls the flickr title and credits the photographer:

[[include image
| flickr-ID=4341731519

For more background about images, here's a more in-depth how-to.

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