post a Wikli item

Create, edit, and save a new page

Step 1
log in to the site
To post to the Wikli, first it's best to sign in. That's at the top right of the page.
Step 2
create the page
Wikli-items automatically pull from a template. The template organizes your text entry, does the layout for you, and files the page where we can use it.

To create your page, type your item title into the field below, then click create. If this is your first time, scan the remaining steps first.

post your own Wikli item

Step 3
insert your text
You've now opened a wiki-form, which lets you write to your new page.

Each Wikli item has five simple parts.

  1. a pithy page title (you named the page when you created it — you can change the title now if you'd like)
  2. a brief summary, about 100 words, covering the most important details (this is what will appear in the Wikli)
  3. additional information — anything that doesn't fit in the summary (readers can click through to read your entire item)
  4. your Wikidot username or your email and name
  5. you can upload an image to your item once you've saved the page.
Step 4
save the page
The save button is below the editor box. Ctrl-s also works.
save your item

If you need to change your text after you've saved it, you can still edit the page.

Step 5 (optional)
upload an image
If you like, you can upload a small image to your new page. Once you've loaded the file, it should display automatically.
upload an image


What happens next?
Once you save your item, it appears in this week's draft Wikli. When we pull the next Wikli together, you'll find your item there.

Can someone edit my item?
They can, but they probably won't. Neighbors respect each others' work. Mostly we make minor formatting edits to make things look right. Citizen editors have to sign in first, and edits are easy to make and unmake. If you want, you can watch your items, to find out when someone updates it or comments on it.

My item doesn't look right. Help?
If you know what you'd like to do but it's not working yet, just write some instructions into the item itself. We'll see if we can make it work, and we'll delete your instructions from the final version. You can also ask for help.

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