take part in neighborrow

Have something you'd like to lend to neighbors? Here's how.

  • First, make sure you've signed in and joined the site.
  • On the neighborrow page, at the bottom of the list, enter a one- or two-word item name and click lend an item. That opens a new page, with your item's name pre-filled in the first frame.
  • In the second frame, write a brief description — 5 or 10 words should do it. This text will show up in the neighborrow list.
  • In the third frame, write any detailed information about the item. Its condition, how you'd like people to care for it, any limits or concerns. We'll see this text whenever we click through to the item from the main list.
  • In the last frame, explain how neighborrowers can contact you: address, phone, email — whatever you're comfortable with. This information is in a members-only category, so it won't be widely available. Wikidot spoofs email addresses — they're legible for site visitors, but not for spambots.
  • Save the page.
  • Now you can classify your item by "tagging" it. Multiple tags are possible, but a single tag should do the trick. Use the first of three links (tags.png) at the bottom of your new page.
  • You can also attach a small image to your item. There's a link for that too (camera.png) at the bottom of your page.
  • If any of your items are no longer available for lending, please delete them from the list. That's via options » delete at the very bottom of the page
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