Gateway Project

In 2007, the Columbia City / Hillman City Gateway Project received the Gathering Places Initiative award from Pomegranate Center for planning and design services to build a gathering place for the community. Learn more...

The Gateway Project has since evolved into a group of energetic, creative volunteers who are organizing events in partnership with SEEDArts, that connect Columbia City and Hillman City, increase the walkability along Rainier Avenue S, and encourage neighborhood involvement in their community.

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Gathering Place Initiative - Fall 2008

Read up on the history of the Gathering Place Initiative and the result of the Pomegranate Center workshops. Learn more...

Park(ing) Day - September 19, 2008

In 2008, The Gateway Project & SEEDArts are teamed up to participate in
PARK(ing) Day and created 4 mini-parks out of parking spaces along Rainier Ave S from Columbia City to Hillman City. Learn more...

South Seattle Solstice - December 21, 2008

The Gateway Project & SEEDArts are putting together the FIRST South Seattle Solstice - Festival of Lights and you are invited to help plan this event! Learn more...

UW Public Art Class Project

The UW Public Art Class recently adopted The Gateway Project for their final project of the Fall 2008 quarter. They visited SEED to talk about the history of the Gateway Project and were taken on a brief tour of Columbia City & Hillman City. Their final project was to design a temporary public artwork connecting the two neighborhoods. Check out their project summaries. (This may take a few minutes to upload)

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