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“I check in occasionally. This neighborhood wiki is a fun project.
But I'm pretty busy: what's a quick and hassle-free way to tap in for updates?”

Columbia Citizens contribute to the site by posting comments, creating pages and editing content. How does a Citizen conveniently keep track?

Within the site,

You're always welcome to spend some quality time browsing around the site — that's the scenic route…

Here's the express lane.

Experience Columbia Citizens as a "feed"

Have the internet come to you! It's easy to set up a feed reader to view updates. Feeds arrive as bulleted items for easy browsing. If something piques your interest, you can check out its linked content, or you can tag it to read later. Otherwise you can wipe the reader slate clean and move on.

Columbia Citizens offers a variety of feeds. You can track one discussion or several. You can get Citizens' Wikli alerts. If you want, you can track each and every site edit. Or you can customize a feed to monitor only certain wiki-pages.

It's anonymous and free. It's easy to subscribe or unsubscribe to any feed. You can also use your reader for updates to news sites and interesting blogs.

forum posts, RSS feed

Once you've chosen a feed reader, you can get these Columbia Citizens feeds and more. Just click on the feed link and paste its address into your reader.

Citizen feeds
posts new discussion posts (comments)
  • or get a daily digest of Citizens comments via email:

Wikli alerts Citizens' Wikli alerts.
  • or get weekly Wikli alerts via email:

unique any new discussion or comment in a selected category.

unique At the top of any discussion, there's a link to its feed (right).
Citizen comments via RSS
threads new discussion threads
site changes site changes (page updates)

A list of feed readers available for download. (Need a quick recommendation? Go with Google Reader. It works on any web browser.)

Any questions? Just ask.

Here's a quick video by Mount Baker neighbors Lee and Sachi LeFever. They've spelled out why feeds work well, how they work, and how to get you started.

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