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  • Carlos Velasquez (206) 841-9972 does light electrical work at reasonable rates. He is skillful, fast, reliable, courteous, and cares about doing the job right. Referral by Mary Waters 206 527 4661
  • I have used Boley Electric in the past. They seemed very good and honest. 206-546-8839.
  • Brock Bowen has been my electrician of choice for the last several years. He helped us through a major remodel and then a minor one, and has been fabulous about staying on time and on budget, while still pointing out potential pitfalls and hazards that we mightwant to fix. I trust him implicitly! Here's his contact info: Bowen Electric, 206 683 1322, 6310 9TH Ave. NW, Seattle WA 98107
  • We just met with Brock Bowen, an electrician who came recommended by the contractor who worked on our house and was absolutely amazing. I don't know yet of his quality but he was extremely congenial and seemed a straight up kind of person.
  • My husband is an electrical contractor. His name is Kelvin Bridges. We live in Madrona. Give us a call at (206) 328-4525.
  • I hired Charlie to install two ceiling fans and an outlet. He's terrific and perhaps the sweetest electrician I ever met! His number is 425-941-2087.
  • I want to second the recommendation for Charlie. He is courteous, efficient, very honest and trustworthy and he provided us with the quickest service response ever. His fees are really reasonable, too. Would definitely hire him again. Reach him at 425-941-2087
  • I have a wonderful electrician for you! His name is Charlie and his number is 425.941.2087. He recently installed two ceiling fans and an outlet for us. He's honest and great at what he does. You won't be disappointed.
  • Cisco Electric — they rewired our knob and tube and replaced the panel. They keep to their bid, do excellent work. I would hire them again and have recommended them many times.
  • We were very happy with Cisco Electric – Frankie is the owner. They rewired our entire home. They stuck to their bid price. We have recommended to two other friends who always really liked the work they did.
  • Jeff Crowley 425-864-5354 He has done work for me and most of my friends. He has a license and the whole bit.
  • 329-2182 Tom Daily with Lake Town Electric —- recommended from MM and I used him and was pleased.
  • I had a superb experience working with Bob Dickson (bawbby@…). He rewired our entire house from the panel on up.
  • I would highly recommend Green Lake Electric. They are very reliable and do great work.
  • DON HARPER Electric- 281-9018
  • Wes Horton is a wonderful electrician, he did all of our electrical work in our house when we remodeled. He'll do small or large jobs. 206.579.9868
  • We have worked with James at Kemly Electric a few times and were very pleased
  • We use PK Electric and they are good.
  • I just yesterday had a GREAT experience with PK electric on Mercer Island..396-6890
  • Kevin Womak is excellent! 206-963-9135
  • Kevin Womack (Puget Sound Electric) is excellent!! 206-963-9135

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