salon adidez

summary: 'Hello my name is Connie Perez. I am a licensed barber and a new addition to the staff at SALON ADIDEZ'
details: "Let me say most people think barbers only cut men's hair; actually the only services I am not able to do are perms and color. Anything that requires \"chemicals\".\nI do Haircuting services include Men's, Women's and Children's Hair; I provide soothing Scalp Massages and Deep Hair Conditioning Treatments.\nI also love to provide Straight Razor Shaves for the gentlemen as a specialty.\n\nI have lived in the Seattle area for 48 years and a business owner for 30 years.\n\nI look forward to having you visit us to enjoy our excellent hair and nail services; in the friendly and relaxed atmosphere of SALON ADIDEZ!\n\n"
contact: moc.loa|ikanehcsaidwez#moc.loa|ikanehcsaidwez

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