Eat, Shop, Play & Buy Local on MLK

summary: "Register for the 7/30 tour on and be entered for a chance to win a $15 gift card to Viet Wah!\n"
details: " Eat, Shop, Play and Buy Local on MLK\n\n The FREE 2011 MLK Business Association\n Business District Tour Schedule is here:\n\n * July 30th @ Graham 10:30 -12:00\n * August 13th @ Othello 10:30 -12:00\n * September 17th @ Graham 10:30 -12:00\n \nSign-up for 1 or all of the remaining 3 tours by registering on or calling Sarah Valenta @ 206-760-4213 or emailing @ gro.awthgisemoh|haras#gro.awthgisemoh|haras\n \nOur one-of-a-kind businesses are an integral part of the distinctive character of 98118. Support locally owned, independent businesses to maintain our unique community character, provide continuing opportunities for entrepreneurs, build community economic strength, and help retain community-based businesses. \n\nCome out and join your neighbors for a guided walking tour \n\nØ Try samples\nØ Discover new shops\nØ Explore Your Community \nØ Do you love to try new restaurants? \nØ Have you been looking for a relaxing new spa?\nØ Have you searched high and low for that perfect gift?\n\n The tour guide will give some history of the area and help connect us to the diversity of products and services available along MLK. We will visit several shops and listen to amazing stories from entrepreneurs who recently arrived in the US. We will get to know our neighbors better as we walk through the district sampling treats and discovering the multitude of offerings found around MLK.\n\n"
contact: Sarah

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