Climate Co-op Workshop#2: November 17, 2010 6-8PM

summary: "A group of residents from Columbia City and other Rainier Valley neighborhoods is looking into starting a “Climate Co-op,” which could be a one-stop-shop for products, services, and resources to help members reduce their carbon footprints and save money. \nThe second workshop to discuss the idea is Wednesday, November 17 from 6-8pm at Southside Commons, 3518 S Edmunds St. Please join us! "
details: "At the first workshop, participants discussed ways to work together to reduce our carbon impacts and save money. Several key areas for action emerged:\n• Transportation\n• Energy Efficiency\n• Renewable Energy\n• Goods and Services\nAt the second workshop we will discuss potential programs and services in more detail and begin to rank which programs and services a co-op might offer first. Share with us your opinions and help us shape a co-op that will work for you! Please bring your neighbors and friends with you.\n\nWe are also having a technical expert from NW Seed presenting and sharing information on carbon reduction strategies.\n\nPlease RSVP to moc.liamg|pooc.etamilC#moc.liamg|pooc.etamilC so we can get a head count of who's attending. Food, refreshments and childcare will be provided. If you need language assistance please say which language within the email.\n\nWednesday November 17, 2010 \n6:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M. \nSouthside Commons\n3518 S Edmunds St\nSeattle, WA 98118\n"
contact: 'moc.liamg|pooc.etamilc#moc.liamg|pooc.etamilc MichaelMurphy'

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