C-City De-fence Project

Why De-Fence?

Because chain link represents all that is wrong in this world.

A fence discourages communication and collaboration.

A fence marks private property and silently says "my mom never taught me how to share."

A fence symbolizes apathy towards community and public spaces, drawing a line of responsibility at the end of one's lawn.

Each time we take down a fence, we open up a new space.

Get involved! Volunteer to help De-Fence! Encourage your neighbors to take down their chain link!

If you have a fence you'd like to have removed or you would like to participate in removal, please e-mail me.

- Keith Harrison

This interactive Google map provides a place to record potential de-fence projects. (You must be logged in to a Google account to edit the map.)

Inspiration for this project was provided by a similar project in a Toronto neighborhood.

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