Columbia City Community Choir

What: The Columbia City Community Choir
When: Tuesdays 7:30p-9p
Where: Bethlehem Lutheran Church 3818 S Angeline S Seattle, WA 98118
Contact: Kathleen Tracy ten.ysaekaeps|ycartneelhtak#ten.ysaekaeps|ycartneelhtak 206 725-0341

The Columbia City Community Choir is launched, and we are having a blast! Here are a few comments from some of your neighbors:

“The choir is definitely a joyful noise.  It soothes my busy mind and sends me back into my week refreshed and humming.”

“This choir is exactly what I've been hoping to find. Getting together once a week, close to home and singing in a group with a leader. I like the spiritual and multi-cultural songs.”

“Thanks for directing the choir - it's a treat to sing with a creative, accomplished, laid back, inclusive director with neighbors!”

The Columbia City Community Choir is not affiliated with any religious organization and welcomes people of all ages and cultures to come together in a fun, inclusive and spirited singing community. There is no audition, and no singing experience is required, just a desire to sing in harmony with others. No music reading ability is necessary as much of the music is learned in the oral tradition. The repertoire includes a rich variety of songs and chants from many different cultures and singing traditions.

The Columbia City Community Choir rehearses on Tuesdays 7:30-9p at Bethlehem Lutheran Church 3818 S Angeline St Seattle, WA 98118. ($10 suggested donation per rehearsal).

If you have always been a singer you’ll love this choir. If you are new to singing or have been told you can’t sing … this is the place for you. See an example of what we’re up to:

Kathleen Tracy is a singer/songwriter, composer, teacher, workshop presenter and choir director who has lived in Southeast Seattle for the past 20 years. She can be contacted at: ten.ysaekaeps|ycartneelhtak#ten.ysaekaeps|ycartneelhtak 206 725.0341

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