Bucket Brigade Saturday March 21st

Bucket Brigade - an Urban Land Army Initiative, compost by Cedar Grove

Supporting gardening in our community is the objective of this Saturday morning give-away of compost soil and seeds at Rainier Community Center, 4600 38th Ave. S (map).

Distributing buckets, compost soil and seeds to residents, community members, regular folks, to get us started on gardening this spring.

Bucket Brigade is an Urban Land Army campaign that rescues unused buckets, plants them up with veggies, and brings them to the people.

Here’s how it works:

* You take a bucket that isn’t being used.
* You fill it with soil.
* You stick some plants in it.
* You give it away along with some seeds and gardening information.
* The bucket recipient eats some really tasty lettuce and learns how to grow some food.
* Then they grow some more.
* And you do another Bucket Brigade all over again.
* Repeat.


The plan is to spread Bucket Brigade worldwide. There are a lot of buckets out there and people like vegetables all over. So jump in and take Bucket Brigade to the streets of your city!

The idea is that long-time and brand new gardeners will be able to fend for themselves a bit food-wise, and keep these buckets planted year round. We will be distributing planting, watering, and harvest information, and we hope to repeat this event and distribute seeds and/or new plants.

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