Citizens' art gallery

The purpose of this page is to exhibit the work of Columbia City artists.

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Iris Antman


These images are paintings and works on paper which I've done over the past five or so years.


Stephanie R. Dickie



I work in a variety of mediums, often incorporating things from the past into my work. These can be actual physical items or merely reflections or musings of days gone by. I take a lot of classes at Pratt Fine Arts Center, and work in the studios there, as well as in my studio at home.


Aaliyah Gupta

In these pieces I explore the idea of connection and interdependence, of nurture and sustenance, and vulnerability. The “Birth Series” drawings are my visualizations of the inner workings of my body during pregnancy where I felt my entire center of gravity shift, both physically and emotionally. In the “Pod/Sac” series, I began thinking about the idea of birthing containers, pods and sacs that are housed outside of the body, and how life is sustained in these containers.


Citizen K

Hydrant Henge tracks the waxing and waning of the shadow of the fire hydrant located at the corner of S. Angeline St. and 38th Ave. S. Click on the images for details, explanations, and observations.

Nature's rhythms are at work here in the city, too!


Michael Williams

Northwest Light Brigade



I am a professional night photographer specializing in astronomical landscapes of the Cascade volcanoes. This photo set shows my comet images.


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