Create your own Citizen exhibit

Columbia City artists

Post your own images to the Citizens' art gallery. Please follow these steps:

Create an image set on Flickr

  1. Visit
  2. Flickr is part of Yahoo: if you have a Yahoo logon, you can use it there. Otherwise, signup is pretty straightforward.
  3. Upload images from your computer.
  4. Organize your images into a photoset.
  5. Note the set ID number (when you're viewing the set, it's located at the end of the URL. In the image below, the sample set ID is circled in red).
  6. You can also show an image of you, from flickr or elsewhere.

Create your own Citizen exhibit.

There's a template all set up for you.

  • Enter your last name in the field below,
  • create the page, which opens an editor box,
  • adapt the template's information with your own,
  • give it a title (your name),
  • preview it,
  • and be sure to save it.

Your exhibit should end up looking something like this… only different:

Art McSample



a statement about your art


Include it in the gallery.

Once you're happy with your exhibit, it's time to include it in the art gallery.

Copy this text:

[[# YourLastName]]
[[include artists:Your-page]]


In the art gallery,

  • hit "edit",
  • paste your text in
  • adapt it,
  • preview it,
  • save the page.

It's possible that any photos posted from brand-new flickr accounts won't show up on Columbia Citizens for at least a few days.

In flickr, you can name your images, describe media, and post prices. Any information included in the image title will appear when someone rolls over the image or clicks to see the larger version. From flickr, you can also update your exhibit with new images and rearrange the order of your images.

Need help? Just ask.

Thanks for sharing your artwork!

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